Sean Lazio Summit Takeaways

Sean Lazio Summit Takeaways

In This Episode, we have Sean Lazio – mindset and fitness coach, army vet , and owner of BlackHorse Crossfit. We talked about his journey,  his takeaways from The Strong Coach Summit and Training Camp For The Soul, and his future plans as well. Enjoy

w a hundred years would imagine that happening.

April:    That’s incredible. That’s really awesome.

Sean:    Yeah, so, that was a very special moment. And at the same time I had coaches who quit on me through the process. That was a very tough time. We weren’t seeing that. I even had one of them say like, “John, you’re going in a downward spiral and I want to be a part of it.” And I’m like, “You’re my friend.” And I was still in the thick of my shit at this time. And I was like, okay, well the universe is doing something for me. Because tried to keep that in my mind as this was going on instead of breaking [inaudible 00:21:06] but yeah big picture. Like I said, here I am on the up and up and I’m continuing to step a little bit more away, a little bit more way and understanding that doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

That was a belief that I had before is I qualify step away more than I don’t care. It’s like, no, I’m at a level now where I understand, like I said, I’m influencing the business too much and I’m actually preventing it from growing more because it has so much more potential than where it’s at. And it’s not because of, we’re doing bad practices, it’s just my own limiting beliefs are showing up in the business. I’m like, well, why would we do that or why would we do that? This doesn’t make sense. There’s some logical decisions that obviously needed to be made, but at the same time as I’ve passed the reigns off to some of my coaches and I’m finally in the process of hiring my first gym manager, which is… Looking back, I wish I would’ve done that from day one, And one of the best feelings is even here, I get a text message that says like, “Hey, we’ve got three more people sign up.” I didn’t have to do anything.

I’m like, Oh, this is what it feels like to be more on the business side and not so much in the business, but actually to be able to work on the business. And yeah, so most of the things I’m doing now is all stuff that I learned from Mike and Danny and Strong Coach. And even I would attribute them with most of it, but even just people sharing their own stories and learning from that because there’s obviously other business owners and other coaches who are going through this. So just being present to that has been super powerful.

April:    And then also being in the community and sharing within the community. And that’s one of the reasons that I wanted to start doing the podcast is because as we share these stories, they’re going to speak to someone. And the more stories we share, the more people that we can reach. Which I’m really excited to do, so.

Sean:    So actually one of my coaches went through class. Oh, God, what class was she? Class…

April:    Were up to class nine now.

Sean:    I think it was six then five it was at the beginning of the year. So I was really bummed when this all came up. She happens to be the one that I’m going to hired as my gym manager, but still she took the brunt of the love with me being gone until I called her, I was like, “Well next Summit we’re sending her because I mean if she can get a lot of what I’m getting out of this, obviously the person that I want running my gym. it would benefit from it greatly.”

April:    Yeah. Very cool.

Sean:    So it’s a plan of mine in the future to have all my coaches actually go through the program.

What’s In The Picture For Sean & Learning The Flow State

April:    Perfect. So good deal man. You mentioned you worked with Training Camp for the Soul you’ve got your gym that you stepped in the away from a little bit. What else is in the picture for Sean?

Sean:    Right now, just a lot of play and enjoying life.

April:    Perfect. What does that look like for you?

Sean:    So that looks like a couple different things. So that’s actually, that’s a question that I had to ask myself early on and I couldn’t answer it. So, that was a very scary mode in my life. I’m like, “What do you enjoying” and I’m like, “Oh, shit, how do you not know what you enjoy?” It had been so long that I’ve just had this work, work, work, work mindset. So now that looks like, so I grew up playing baseball, so I enjoyed an adult baseball league Crewdson so I play about once a week, really enjoyed doing that. Like golf, especially with my dad. That’s something that we bond over.

So we do that every chance that we gets. And then this is my third week of travel in Utah for a week with Mark. Yeah, I’ve got the experience combo for the first time. It’s a little bit of hiking. And then I was in Canada last week and we got tattooed and then I’m actually getting into fire spinning. It’s like a six foot long stuff and you like both ends on fire. And so today I had my first “Coach Steele May session” with Leo and it was fucking amazing.

April:    He was also here at summer.

Sean:    I totally get why the movement’s growing. It’s so worth it. But as I was even going through that process, it just reminded me was like, “Oh, man, like this is like spinning” and then just talking about flow. So a lot of what I’ve been doing for fun is just trying to find different states of getting into flow. So fire spinning happened to be one of them. I learned that out in Utah. One of Mark’s friends was just like, “Hey, you want to try it.” I’m like, “Ah, you know what? Fuck it, why not” So start spinning and I was like, “This is actually really cool.” And I got bought it stuff that moment. Take me to that.

April:    Was it speed of implementation. Is it just the fact that it was there? Was it something about fire? I really like fire. I’m an areas.

Sean:    And now that you mentioned that I’ve always had this thing for fire, I accidentally almost let our house on fire a couple times when I was a kid. But any chance I get to build fires and stuff like that, I’m usually the one that’s like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” So there was that part of it. And then just the understanding that I have now of what it’s like to be in a flow state and to be creative. Because I lived most of my life up to this point survival mode, which is something else. Another thing that you learned through The Strong Coach that I didn’t know the survival mode. I just thought I was a hard worker.

April:    It was just mode. It was just that mode.

Sean:    It was that was the mode, exactly. And so to understand that like wait a minute, survival versus creation.

April:    That there’s even an option to be one or the other.

Sean:    Oh, absolutely. Yeah. That flow is like the epitome of creation is you’re literally just going with whatever is present, which is awesome.

April:    One of the things that I’ve learned over the last year, I imagine you’ve learned this in especially training camp, I’ve heard this about training camp is how to actually feel. So I’m still learning the flow state too. And you can flow with anything. And so I imagine like it’s the truest form of filling your own cup. And so once you can feel what that flow is and the feeling of filling your own cup, which is basically self care, then that like you learn that and you seek that out and you look for it as well. Just like I was looking for. Now I look for things that are a little bit scary, a little, little bit too, a lot actually scary. That’s what you learn to feel those things and then you intentionally find them. And then when things like fear comes up, or even if we have Low’s or slumps.

Sean:    Rock bottoms.

April:    Rock bottoms, now it’s like, okay, I can recognize that and reach out for help earlier.

Sean:    Yep. Oh, 100%. and I would say that’s my second takeaway that I would tell to other people. Part A, that is it’s okay to be selfish in the sense that you have to take care of yourself first. And obviously there’s going to be times in your life where you’re going out on a lamb or emptying your cup to the point where it’s, or you really got to help somebody. I mean, that’s totally understandable. And I would never tell someone like, “Oh, the hell with everybody else’s take, just do you.” But you also have to understand that self care is so important and it is okay to be selfish at times.

April:    Who else is going to take care of you?

Sean:    Nobody. That was a huge lesson for me.

April:    Me too.

Sean:    Training Camp for the Soul and Strong Coach, I was trying to get from an empty cup and I was wondering why I was feeling so drained and unfulfilled in my career. I mean, I have an amazing job. I get to help people every single day and physically, mentally, emotionally now, especially with some of the tools that I have. But at the same time I was just like, I don’t want to go to work. I hit that point. I never understood why. And then learning like, “Hey, look, if you’re trying to pour from an empty cup, it’s just not going to work.”

It’s the best analogy. I mean, it really is. It’s like, and I’m a giver. I love people. And a year and a half ago, I never would have admitted that and I always labeled myself as an introvert, for instance, distance, distance, distance, and now I’m like all about expressing and giving. Well, admittingly giving, because that’s, I used to live my life that way, but yeah, you got to fill up your own cup and part of that is you need to take care of yourself. You need to find what fills that cup up now and it’s different for everyone.

Biggest Piece Of Advice To Help The People You Want To Help

Sean:    The biggest one from my experience today is self love and filling your own cup. And I say that because you have to be able to learn yourself or learn to love yourself. If you don’t know how to love yourself, you’re never going to truly be able to love somebody else in that can look like anything, right? They could be your clients, they could be your intimate relationship, they could be your parents, your kids. If you’re not able to give yourself that love, you can only give a very little amount. And even though it might come off at first is, “Oh, well, I’m showing this type of love” energetically, that other person or whoever’s on the receiving end isn’t going to feel it the way you think that they are. So that was the biggest lesson for me to learn and on Training Camp for the Soul and The Strong Coach just really hammers that and it took me so long to figure that out, So.

April:    It’s a process.

Sean:    Yeah, absolutely. And that was going to be my last takeaway to tell people is there’s nothing out there that we’re going to teach you. It’s going to be immediate. Well, to some degree.

April:    That’s we are like wait.

Sean:    Like wait, because there are definitely people who take but they learn and like immediately put in into action and it works great.

April:    Which is perfect. Yeah. Yet at the same time, it’s a process…

Sean:    It’s a practice.

April:    Like I was just talking to Candice about the process of going through this quarterly to learn new things again and again and so yes you implement right away. Yet, the process is ongoing because you’re going to learn something new every time.

Sean:    It’s you learn it and then you continually practice it for the rest of your life. I’m imagining literally for the rest of my life that these are the tools that I will be using every day.

April:    Everything is a practice too. And so that’s one of the many things that I’ve taken from The Strong Coach itself. Being around all of The Strong Coaches, especially here at the Summit is everything is a practice and us as the revolutionaries in the industry right now in my opinion, is just like we’re taking everything that we’re practicing here and just like helping everyone else do the same thing. And when you realize that everything is a practice, I think it just comes to you are able to make that conscious decision. Do I want to practice this? Do I want to practice that? Do I want to practice being sad, being a victim? Like, or do I want to practice all the other good things that I and focused on what I want?

Sean:    Yeah. Oh, 100%.

April:    Yeah. Or we can keep going.

Sean:    I mean, this is a conversation that literally we can have for hours, upon hours, upon hours, but I agree 100% I mean it is a practice that needs to be done every day, even to the slightest degree. And you don’t need to practice every single little thing every day, but you’re going to find… Mark use this analogy take a buffet, right? So you’re going to go through a program like this, take what you need and if it works for you, yeah, keep using it and you’re going to… Yeah, you’re going to keep eating it. If there’s stuff that doesn’t work for you, that’s great. You don’t need to use it.

There’s plenty of things that I’ve gone through with that. At first, I was like, “Oh, I need to do this.” And then all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh, no, that’s just not for me right now” but I have it tucked away for the time that I might need it and I have also the resources and the people to reach out to just in case it does pop up. But yeah, that was my biggest lesson, 18 months posts, Training Camp for the Soul and almost a year post Strong Coach and I hit rock bottom. Most people will be like, “Well, why the hell do you go do all those things?” Then I’m like, “You don’t get it.” Like it’s a constant practice. Like we’re just saying, it’s never going to be one of those things where you just go to the program, everything’s magically better. No, like you have to take the action, put forth the effort and make it a continuous effort.

April:    Yeah, I’ve certainly had ups and downs since I went through The Strong Coach
as well. And now that I have those tools, I can certainly use them myself. And then additionally to be around Strong Coaches in person, virtually having like I leveled up in the type of people that I’m around so that I can, I know now how to… When I need to use them and then be like, okay, something’s not right. What tool am I not using right now? And that’s been really, really incredible. So as we’re wrapping up here, so you’ve mentioned a couple of really great pieces of advice already. 

Closing Thoughts And How To Connect With Sean

April:    My next question is like why should people follow you in what you’re doing? Or do you want them to follow you in what you’re doing?

Sean:    Yeah, absolutely. So one of the things that I’ve learned through all this process is, like I said, I’ve always known that there’s more than just the surface level fitness thing. And let’s become much more about fitness for me. So through working with Mark and Mike and Danny men and not, I want to help people in more ways. So I’m in the process of creating an online coaching program that helps people with that mindset, language, goal setting, the whole nine yards. Because the way I imagined it to be, that’s one of the most powerful tools that anybody can learn and use to influence their own life. Hands down.

April:    Yeah. What’s that program called?

Sean:    It’s still in the makings. So right now I’m thinking bridge program. Something very simple, right? It start at point A, you want to get the point B, I’m going to help you create the bridge to get from point A to point B.

So that’s what I’m going to go with for now. And my gym name’s BlackHorse CrossFit. So I was going to… Right now I’m going to go with the BlackHorse bridge program.

April:    Awesome.

Sean:    But I also know that as I start to take action, which I’m starting my Beta program with just some of my members right now, I know it’s going to unfold not only the way it’s supposed to be, but in the right amount at the right time. And I’m going to gain clarity as I go through it. Lets taking that messy action.

April:    Yeah, messy action. Let the process give you feedback. Yeah. Cool. Right on. Well, Sean, I want to thank you so much for sharing everything that you did. It’s so important for everyone to do that and especially since you… It’s had ripple effects and rebound effects for you that you didn’t even know. So thank you so much for sitting down with me and chatting.

Sean:    Absolutely.

April:    Last thing is where can people find you?

Sean:    So you can find me on Instagram. I’m getting up my post game, Sean Lazio, L-A-Z-I-O, and then my gym account we just pretty much started it up so it’s, we’ll get it up and running, but that’s just BlackHorse CrossFit. I’ll be posting more content for sure.

April:    Check it out everybody. Thanks, Sean.

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