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Adee Zukier Cazayoux is founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity, who is also known as the “Barbell Gypsy”. You can find Adee weightlifting, bobsledding, powerlifting, or competing in the NPGL or the CrossFit open. In 2016, she took a Bronze Medal at the Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.

Adee has a BAH Psychology, and Masters in Teaching. She is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and is currently completing her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. As an athlete Adee has studied/trained under many renowned coaches, most notably Aimee Everett, national champion, Travis Mash, world champion powerlifter, and Steve Sandor, Hungarian national champion.

Adee is married to Michael Cazayoux, co-founder of Brute Strength, and host of Brute Strength Podcast. It was at Adee and Michael’s house that I began developing The Strong Coach program. Talking to both her and Michael helped get clarity on what is needed in the industry and how we can best serve that role.

There is no one way to be a coach, and Adee was my first client that I was not coaching as an athlete. She has exemplified organization and systems as a means of impacting people though her coaching. It’s a real joy to have someone who used to be my student, now teach me many things.

In this episode, Adee talks about how she created her business, Working Against Gravity, which now has 28 coaches on team! We also dives into all things coaching: Coaching as problem solving, the process for training coaches, mistakes made over the years, how to communicate authentically with clients, how to onboard new clients, how to receive feedback from your clients to improve your coaching, how to create accountability with your clients, how to give advice your clients actually take, and much more.


– Mike

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