Post Covid Fitness Industry with Anders Varner

Post Covid Fitness Industry with Anders Varner

Anders Varner is the host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. With over 40 million downloads, Barbell Shrugged is the leading resource for education and entertainment in making strong people stronger.

Without clarity and direction in your business, how can you determine whether or not your strategy is effective?

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Post-Covid Fitness Industry

Post-Covid Fitness Industry
Photographer: Danielle Cerullo | Source: Unsplash

Anders: I think Fitness is going to get hit so hard by this that I just, I don't know what happens when the 24 hour fitness bankruptcy goes down.

Mike: Well new investors to come in and swoop in. A major change management. I think 24 hour fitness is here to stay. I think our consolidation man. There'll be a third, I'd say two thirds of the gym go away.

Anders: How many you have your people are going like I have even started thinking about this and I don't really want to start a personal training business but I know that I could go in and train very minimal hours, have really high end clientele and create just like an awesome experience at a 500 square foot spot that actually just crushes and you can create just a beautiful little lifestyle, train some people, but it's really just a studio.

So your 50% online, 50% your gym, you basically build a studio in like a super high end personal training business. I haven't jumped, I'm not going to but it's like that its like inside me that's like you can just go smash right now cause everyone is, you can do the big groups.

Mike: That's a that's that's beautiful.

Anders: You don't have a 30% CrossFit class. No way. Where your just shoving people in to the end of the class as much as you can. It's going to be hard to be a long time.

Where The Opportunity Is

Where The Opportunity Is
Photographer: Paul Skorupskas | Source: Unsplash

Mike: CrossFits the, the middle class of Fitness, you know, you have a, you have the poor people at Planet Fitness. And then we have the middle class, which is CrossFit, which is going to cost you between 125, 200 bucks a month. The upper class is the $2,000 a month, personal training, all that kind of stuff.

Anders: I also think that the interesting piece is that the lower school or a low class gems as we call them, like 24 Planet Fitness, like I also think that there's a massive opportunity to be able to meet those people where they're at. And a specific way, because let's face it right now, we can talk about Covid all we want, but we're really talking about is really sick, unhealthy people before Covid showed up that are now terrified of Covid.

24 hour fitness is always going to be, there's going to be a big ass warehouse with a bunch of machines in it and treadmills wall to wall and that the business is going to serve that lower income group or people that want that lower level training experience.

My hope is that that is in a way like the high end personal training I think is a massive opportunity for people that can actually speak that language and provide that service. Partly I feel responsible for all of this in that like we are the first line of healthcare and that we should be able to get more people into the gym. We should have entertaining content, we should be more inspiring, we should be more motivating to go to the gym

We could do better and we should have, you know, you get into this industry and you don't become a professional until you have been doing at 10 years you have been training probably about 10 years before you were like this has just the thing I'm good at. I'm going to go make money doing it somehow. And then 10 years later now you're in this Your 20 years deep into a physical, emotional, mental conversation with your body.

And we're all fighting for this. Like I trained this professional athlete and I, we had this many clients and I made this much money and I have this one piece of information that separates me from all of the people and we don't realize that at the bottom of this conversation there's a bunch of people that are have, have no interest in listening to us because we sound like dicks. We're like, you don't need to work harder and your like, you're being a dick, shut up that help me get in to the gym. And I think that that is a massive opportunity right now and like if the conversation does change the way that it should change, we should be finding a way to meet people where they're at.

And I think the big disconnect between when people become a professional strength conditioning CrossFit coach is, is that they're already 10 years ahead of the person that's just starting. So you lose that connection with the person that you can help.

Mike: This conversation is Become more forefront for me because of this Covid crisis. I don't think it would be as forefront. I think it would have been something that would consistently be in messaging over time when working with people. But what I'm noticing, it's a common on this podcast that's common with the clients and Strong Coach right now is, I told everyone I was like, stop, whatever you're doing, stop in your tracks.

Especially if it's not working. If you've been, have you been working on something or you're building something and it's just working like gangbusters, don't let me get in your way. But a lot of people come in because they're having, they're not, you know, killing it in business. And so for a lot of the folks, I was like, you know what, just stop and go talk to your prospective clients and find out what they need because what they needed last month and what they need this month. They are different things.

People Needs To Be Told What To Do

People Needs To Be Told What To Do
Photographer: Meghan Holmes | Source: Unsplash

Mike: This is what I've really discovered in this whole Covid crisis thing is the more scared somebody is so that the more fear that is present, the more likely they are to just listen to whatever you tell them to do. People just want to be told what to do. I believe that, some of the things that the government put out for people to do, wash your hands, face masks, all this stuff.

How does that affect, is it effective or not? For, for what we're, we're currently experiencing? I don't, but I think the biggest benefit from them making those suggestions is people just want to be told to do something. Okay, if I do this, I'll be okay. But if they said nothing, then they'd be like somebody quick. People need someone to tell them what to do when they don't understand and there's enough fear present. So I think for a trainer, the, the way to get clients is find out what they're most terrified of.

And because what they're most terrified of is the thing. They understand the least, and then just tell them exactly what to do. And, but my, my experience is, is if people aren't listening to the advice you're giving them, they either aren't scared enough, and, or they don't trust that you have the answers. So if they are scared about something and then they also trust is that you have the solution. You have a client.

Anders: This is a conversation I'm having with myself cause this is the opposite lifestyle, what I'm used to living. Yeah. As you know, and I'm in one spot and the conversation is, this is good for me and it has, there's been a lot of gifts. I can, I get you to discover new gift every day. Yeah. and yeah, and at the same time, everyday that goes by, that conversation gets a little more, I have to get it like a little more stern with myself.

I was like, this is good for you, bro is good for you. You have for, you are going to come out of this way better. Like the business's going to be better. Your personally to me better than that. Uh, you know, there's, there's just a little, Oh, I'm just used to way more social activity way more and yeah, this is going to, I, I'm ready to go bro. Alright. I'm, I'm ready to start socializing more.

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