Harness Your Energy with Dr. Allen Bittaker

Harness Your Energy with Dr. Allen Bittaker

Dr. Allen Bittaker is a Chiropractor who practices Network Spinal. He is certified in all 3 levels of care including Discover, Transform and Awaken. Dr. Allen graduated from Life University in Marietta Ga. He is passionate about empowering the community to connect, grow and adapt in order to experience life more fully.

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Defining Energy

Mike: Dr. Allen is a trained Network Spinal practitioner Chiropractor in somatic breath work facilitator. you specialize in leaders and helping leaders master of their Energy so that they can break through BLOCS and navigate there work and relationships with flow. So you dig into a spirituality, personal development and embodiment to enhance the wellness of your clients.

And, I love this topic that we're going to dig into today. A is something that I've been interested in in a long time and just playing around with myself and they have someone who specializes in this is a really, really cool and you're can you explain to people, I think a lot of people think about energy is like, okay, I eat calories or a measure of energy and you know, I, and if I drink a red bull or a drink enough coffee, I have energy and this and that. Can you tell us, just, can you define energy for us here because, I, for a long time was very one dimensional in the conversation about it and so I want to tell, teach us.

Dr. Allen: It's the complex conversation obviously, you know, and the most confusing thing about it is that energy is everything and everything is energy So from, I think it's like 4.6% of the physical universe is actually physical matter So everything else has just like energy and vibration. So in the way that I really direct my clients is through developing awareness around the body, mind and soul.

And the Energy is that, that encompass those three parts. And I think that is like one of the most important things that we can master as human beings. Yeah. And when I say master, I just like the, you know, it's a life's work of digging into and discovering. So when you talk about calories, that's more of a metabolic energy. And that's, you know, you know, that's around the physical body.

And then there's Energy of the mind. And then there's Energy of the spirit and the soul. and I think in a, you know, from a very simplistic standpoint, helping people break through and you know, develop embodiment that they can discover and develop some type of coherence within their body, which is necessary to have access to the soul Energy.

You’re Not Your Mind

Dr. Allen: One of the things that's like interesting is I would say most people are living, many people are living within the mind. Right. and where is the mind of, you know like people would guess that its in the brain but it's like everywhere I, you know yeah, yeah. Its in the brain. It's in the spinal cord, it's in the body, it's in, it's in the ethers. So developing like more awareness around that and how to actually harness that for good is a very powerful endeavor.

And, and I think when, when you do that, do you start to realize that your not your mind and that's just a powerful, powerful moment, you know?

Mike: It's a powerful way to live. What, what was that moment for you? What and what caused you To want to go down this path?

Dr. Allen: I've had that same question ask in a different way about like when, that was more about like breaking in through my body and like kind of the shit that I've been bound up and experiences that I wasn't just my body, I wasn't just my mind.

I had some pretty profound psychedelic experiences in college that, but it was, it was kind of disjointed and the, and then I would say my most powerful first like spiritual experience was, I just graduated college

Experiencing Different Energies

Mike: So you were listening to that and not, so you have some psychedelic experiences before that and you said they were disjointed and then you had this, and this is the, It's the sounds like it was a more tangible and sober experience.

Dr. Allen: Yeah. I think some of my psychedelic experiences were more around, like just breaking the belief system of like, if this is what I'm experiencing as being real right now, how do I know what I'm experiencing in a regular day is real? You know, like how do we even know it's real right now? And then I kind of just took those experiences like as being cool and expansive, but nothing that really shifted that the trajectory of my life that I knew of.

And then this had some piece of philosophy around it It was like directional and, yeah. And that led me on the path of like experiencing the energy of my body. And, and then I would say some sense of spaciousness and in the spiritual traditions that the levels of waking up, it was like one noticing your breath, noticing the liveliness within your body, noticing the space, noticing spaciousness and then noticing the aliveliness within the space.

And then there's like, you know, some steps about that, like witness and then oneness. So that was kinda of like in the first step of like, I can feel the aliveness within my whole freaking body. This is crazy.

Mike: Yeah. I have, I've had that experience myself that I've also witnessed other people have the expense of a liveliness for the first time maybe ever, or at least as an adult and then watched the whole body wake up. It's like they look, they look like a different person witnessed that. Like it's like everything came back online. Dark cloud leaves. It's like what is happening? And it's an amazing experience to witness.

Dr. Allen: You probably have had quite a few of those in different, the different, ways, you know, like I experienced that a lot on the table when I'm working on people in the table. Yeah. A body work and that's, it can show up in many different ways, you know, lots of times that that shows up within like having an emotional release and after you have an emotional release, you, you then have access to that space that you've been ignoring for so long.

12 Stages Of Healing

Mike: What would you tell somebody who is like, I don't really access my emotions, so I got, I've got like this really narrow band of emotions on a day. I hear a lot of people go, I know it was probably a problem, but I don't know what to do about it. Yeah.

Dr. Allen: I mean, the first thing I would say to them is, is that I relate with them, you know, because I used to really live my life in that space. and it's, it's really safe, the safe way to like protect yourself from feeling things or you know, it's a strategy that's probably not conscious, that's just like a embedded strategy for going through life. They feel safe. and then, then, then I'd probably invite them to work with me.

It’s like 12 stages of healing by Donny Epstein. He's the guy who created Network Spinal and it is literally 12 different res, have consciousness, 12 different like way to connect with specific consciousness that is the spectrum of the human experience, all the way from suffering to the enlightenment.

And it's almost like a, a paradox that in order sometimes in order to really experience enlightenment, you have to first experience a suffering. Yeah. And that's the really like breaking in, in order to break through, you know?

Mike: Yeah. I have, I had a friend recently where she went into a DMT ceremony and a, you know, she had heard all of this, all of this information repo like, Oh that was pure bliss in this and this and this. So she has this expectation of pure bliss doesn't happen. And then it's like almost like upset with it. But what people tend to leave out in those explanations of like, Oh well I had to go through like this, I call it a small door because we were like this really small doors.

It's hard to fit through it. It's hard to find them. It's hard to fit through. And then I didn't, my body didn't want to make it through. And then I finally got through the other side and then like I was crying and there was all of this, all of these emotions. And then eventually I got to this moment of bliss, I was like, Oh, it can be this easy. and it, it is, that is cool to have to point out or like the way, the way through all this stuff is actually through it and not like the IHS brings up for me, like the, the idea of a spiritual bypass is like, a lot of times we were like, Oh, I see the end result.

So how do I skip all the pain and suffering and all of that to get there? So I need in these 12 steps. Okay. So then there's the guy that, that came with the network Spinal yeah. or when I talk, so if I go out and hang out with or hang out with a bunch of people who are professionals in different areas, lots of chiropractors I came across and I'm like, Oh, like how do you do any chiropractic? I'm like, Oh, just Network. And like a lot of times we're like, Oh, the weirdos, like, hang out with the weirdest.


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