Cultural Warfare with Abel James

Cultural Warfare with Abel James

Abel James is a New York Times Bestselling Author, musician, and creator of the hit podcast, “Fat-Burning Man.” His new book and audiobook entitled “Designer Babies Still Get Scabies,” a #1 International Bestseller in Humor, is available now.

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Censorship and The Invisible Hand

Mike: Pleasure to be doing a show here with Abel James. He’s a New York Times Bestselling Author musician, podcaster, coach, and creator of Fat Burning Man and Wild Superfoods. And you got to a book Designer Babies book.

It's, it's been really frustrating. You're absolutely right. A w as you're talking about this I'm having memories over the years of, of like wanting, speaking up and saying things and then just watching it fall on deaf ears., and then also witnessing, like I don't know if you're friends with Rob Wolf. Rob's fucking blog getting buried on Google results. Like he was ranking well for a long time.

And then, he is one of the premier guys for nutrition for the whole world. Just like how to have a global sustainability and feed everybody. He's one of the primary thinkers on that and shit's getting buried witnessing stuff like that. And you'd go, Oh, I don't know. Who's in charge of that. On like saying, he's like, who are they? I think you and I are like in that there's a lot of digging.

There's a lot of reading. There's a lot of going in there and going the way that most people are behaving is not in alignment with what is creating everything. So like everyone, there's a lot of pot there you were saying before the call as a, before we got in and it's like referring to us as pawns or being people being pawns. And it's in the more I learn. And the more I understand, the more that becomes obvious, it's beyond, it's beyond the point of, I believe something's going on.

Abel: Obvious, but I'm not really sure exactly. Like you're saying who it is. And dude, to your point, Rob Wolf is a personal friend, a collaborator he's been on my show. I've been on His, I loved his Books even, you know, as I was getting a start, I really look up to the guy. And for the past year, as my wife and I have been working our asses off, I haven't heard a peep from Rob Wolf, even though I follow him on every single social account, there is, he's been so bad at the same thing is happened to us.

So as this is all happening, Rob was talking about censorship. He was talking about shutting down his own podcast and having to start over and do all this other stuff. We were taking a bunch of hits ourselves, didn't know that it was happening to Rob because he was so buried and then vice versa. So like that's a dangerous and pernicious. This is, one of the most concerning things is how coordinated it has been across different social media platforms that are supposed to represent separate companies, private ones, even some of them.

And on top of that, when I started posting about censorship and shadow banning really hard a few weeks ago, all of a sudden these people in Brazil, in various parts of Europe, you know, South America, Australia, the UK, this is happening everywhere at exactly the same time in all these different countries. And I find that a little bit suspect the people. This was really funny when I posted about it. I don't speak Portuguese. I have a little bit of Spanish, but like, so down in Brazil, like that, there's a following for not just me, but a lot of people kind of in our space.

I've had the fortunate to meet some of those people in person. And they're really awesome people, but this Brazilian doctor referenced my post, about censorship. And she said that she, she thought that I stopped putting anything out years ago because she hasn't heard anything for me, even though I've done over a hundred Shows, you know, in the past, just like year or two. And so she just had this big, long post about it. And I did my best to try to figure it out. And after that, that happened and people kind of caught on this like army of Brazilian doctors and like help people start following me, even though we don't even speak the same language.

And I just like in a really dark time, I found that incredibly powerful. Cause the more people who know what's happening, the more we can band together and start doing some good work because that's what needs to be done right now. Not more misinformation and top down media fearmongering we need real work. Yeah. Now, and we have to build our way out of this as communities. Yeah. There it's, I think there's a, you’re right. There's a battle of, of information, how it's being disseminated, which information gets out., there was, when this all covert things started going down, I started, you know, digging as usual

Mike: You know, there were, there were some people who were creating videos and putting out information where I was like, does that sound exactly right? But they're questioning things. Yes. The questioning things. And then, I remember watching this one Video, that was shared like this, they kept on getting taken off a YouTube is, or what was the rumor that was being passed around was like, Hey, watch this before it gets taken down. And then, and then it was, that was reposting Instagram TV. So I'm watching this Instagram TV that was posted from YouTube.

And I was like, and it's really interesting point is basically to someone who's saying, you know, Hey, we should probably be taking better care of the planet if we want to have a healthy environment to live in. Right. which makes complete and total common sense., and there was a couple of things he said in there, it was like, , you might be reaching a little bit, but I went to go share it with another friend and it wasn't there 12 hours later. Exactly. And it was like, it was in my DMs and it was like, it was like, the DMs didn't even occur.

It didn't say it was taken away. We just wasn't there anymore. And I were in, that was a little freaky, like if they were just saying this was taken down because of, but they didn't even give a reason it's just gone. Yup. And you, no, we saw Alex Jones', Get, taking off of everything. What is it a year or two ago?

Abel Yeah. Which is a whole other thing.

Mike: And Alex, When shit happens, so a guy like Alex, everyone is kinda like, You know, like, like he's so inflammatory and aggressive that, it's easy to, for people that dislike him. So when he got taken down were like, it's like that sucks. I get it. I don't think that it should be, I don't always agree with him or he's a little aggressive on how he approaches things and he makes them leaps, but you can't look, you shouldn't be banning. And that that's the beginning of a problem.

Abel: Yeah. And I do think that was theater. I think he's controlled opposition. There's a lot of evidence that says, so, and the way that census works, you don't get more public exposure and more media coverage for being censored. At least that's not what happened for me and Rob. So from where I'm standing, it's a little suspicious when these people get enormous amounts of media coverage, the media doesn't cover people unless they have skin in the game. They really do not having been on that side of the media on a reality TV show, or they don't cover you unless they have skin in the game, something to gain from it.

So that was super suspicious from where I was standing. And so I'm not a big fan of, of Rogan getting in bed with Alex Jones and being the face of censorship, the face of shadow banning and getting hundreds of millions of dollars at the same time. It's like, that's not the people who are really doing solid work out their, and trying to question things, but also stick to the research and the truth. They're the ones who are getting buried, not Alex Jones. He's doing fine. David Ike is doing fine. You know, all these players are doing fonts and billionaires better

Everything Is Part Of A Plan

Mike: Yeah. So what do you think is I, so we actually have two major things happening in the country right now., and it's really interesting. Is there a, such a, like, everything is happening. It's like, I want to put things on Instagram about it, but I really have a hard time for me it's like, okay, things need to be acknowledged because I think as leaders, it's good to let people know, like I am present to what's happening, but also for me, it's is being responsible with what I'm saying and not making more of a problem in actually creating a solution.

Cause I think most people are posting on Instagram, Twitter. It's like, they're just causing more issues. it's somewhat, it's so much more complex than that. And people don't want to hear that cause people don't want to have to read. They don't want to have to listen to a long podcast, but that's why we're here. We do. The long format makes a difference does, but so we're, we're all, we're all locked inside. We're all locked inside. And then this whole, this thing happens with, a George Floyd and the everyone's online everyone's and more introspection, more reflection.

I think people are already upset a bit. This happens. And now we have what we have do you think, do you think that this was like that there's two things I'm thinking about this is, I think that everything that's happened with COVID is big. Is it Psy Ops? I think that the media really took advantage of something clung onto it and spun it up. Politicians are responding and a ways that don't make any sense to people who understand health. Yep., this doesn't make any sense and then you do, do you think that what's happening with the riots and everything? Is that an addition too? Or do you think that this was a surprise?

It's definitely part of the plan. Look at all the bricks that they're literally planting in different cities, look at how the people who are committing the atrocities during these riots setting things on fire. And who knows how true any of this stuff is, but from what I've seen, I've seen it happen enough times from a bunch of different directions that just pallets bricks are being dropped off in cities where riots are happening., even not big cities, you know, this is happening.

To dropped off at places where there's no construction. Obviously during the lockdowns construction is a whole different thing. Being like people are paying attention to who's around them, where work's being done. And if a bunch of bricks show up for riots, something's going on and like, think about all of the groups and people who would benefit from social unrest, violence and destruction. But like I saw a bunch of videos from Austin, you know, where I spent like 10 years of my life, where I met my wife. I love that city. And I saw videos of these guys dressed up like ninjas, you know, completely covered.

So you can't see who they are seeing. Like they definitely have some sort of military training, you know, climbing up poles, setting things on fire. And that's not what the people of Austin who are out there protesting. And I've been to a protest before or in Austin. I have never seen anything like that. And that shit is happening in every city at the same time, that image straight out of the joker movie or the Batman movie, while everyone looks like bane or acts like jokers thugs or the police state that you see in that movie, the means of all the cars on fire in all these different cities at the same time on one exact night is not an accident.

It's not, I'm a theater kid. You know, I grew up in that world. I've been on the other side of the stage for a long time. And when certain things play out in front of your eyes, you can kind of tell when it's a reality show, if you do a little bit of digging and there's when you do some digging into, okay. Think about the things that are censored right now and think about the things that The a traditional fear-based media is putting out. And I didn't see that murder on public television. You know, like I didn't see that censored. I didn't see, in fact, I saw that shoved in everyone's face all at the same time.

And then we saw an African American reporter be a lot, be arrested on live television during a media broadcast. I don't think that was an accident either. They didn't bury that. They amplified that. So the things that are being amplified, not like they didn't happen, you know, not like they didn't happen, not like a murder didn't occur, but, but the fact that it is all playing out on television essentially or on social media, on some sort of Virtual communication device, it's a, I have a very hard time believing the things that are pushed in our face while I know that the truth is often being buried and the peaceful people are out there and they're doing good things right now.

But once we're getting all of the attention or the controlled opposition on both sides of this, you know, and I believe they're a bet. They're a bad actors on the cop side, they were bad actors who were Burning. Our city is down and these are our, not our people, these or not our people who are taking a knee while they're getting blasted with tear gas.


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