How To Hone In On Your Audience With Blake Conner

How To Hone In On Your Audience With Blake Conner

In today’s episode, Ben Walker interviews Blake Conner. They talk about Blake’s journey on The Strong Coach Program and how he narrowed down and found his ideal clients using the principles found in the program.

Blake’s The Strong Coach Journey

Blake’s Strong Coach Journey

Ben: Welcome to the Strong Coach podcast. My name is Ben Walker and I am here with Blake Conner from class 10, The Strong Coach that was the first class I ever coached. What week of the Strong Coach are you in Blake?

Blake: 52 if we added everything together well. That's a hefty belt to be carrying around.

Ben: What's the journey been since week 12?

Blake: I guess with the biggest thing is its ‘never linear. So that there's been a couple of things that happen. But since, since week 12, I guess leaving when we were leaving off, I had left my full time coaching job because it’s just wasn't fulfilling what I wanted to do. And I know there's a lot of opportunities. I was not being able to take advantage of by being there.

So, you know, you just have to step out that. And so I had done that and I had started up my online nutrition coaching business. So the wholesome habit project is the, the big name of a lot of it. There's other things within that. But, and started that up, I was coaching people, I had charged more money than I had before – like by a lot. It is scary. You know, hadn't gotten top the numbers that I wanted to do yet, but it was definitely a huge leap from those $30 sessions. It was more closer to the $200.

And so really with that, it was is just the basis of what the business was. It, it was a lot just one on one a week to week check-in we adjust your macros are as we go on. And so that's really it. That was really the beginning phases of the wholesome habit project and really where I left off at week 12.

From One-on-One To Group Coaching

From One-on-One To Group Coaching - The Strong Coach
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Ben: What happened in week 13 onward?

Blake: From there the business has made a lot of changes. It ended up going towards was more of a group coaching style. I loved the aspect of community that I was still am part of it week 52 with Strong Coach. And so I wanted to implement that. I wanted to bring that to the people I was coaching for nutrition. I started putting that together. And I actually got a notification a couple of weeks ago. It had been one year from the day I launched the first group program. How many people sign up for that program?

Ben: How many?

Blake: Zero, I had a presale list. I was like, this is it. This is going to take off at a presale list.

And the way I did it is I didn't, I didn't take money up front. It was getting on the wait list, will build a roster. And then when we're about to start the program where we were finalized everyone's payments and come day two, all right, launches in a week let's get these calls booked so we can take care of payment and everything. It was crickets. I had 15 people on that list almost 20 and no one wanted in still.

And so that was very defeating, especially coming off of the high that we have 12 is, you know, you're stepping into a new go. And so I didn't let that get to me. You know, I still was working with my one-on-one people, still taking information from them and just constantly adjusting making tweaks to things. I think I went through, I guess this is probably like the eighth version of that group program and it's totally different than hell. And the entire approach has absolutely different from where it started.

Letting Go Of Helping Everyone

From One-on-One To Group Coaching - The Strong Coach
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Blake: I actually struggled a lot with picking an ideal client. Cause I thought I had it figured out. With these one-on-one people. I was like getting what they were saying and I still wasn't getting specific enough. So if there's a takeaway from this episode, its niche, the f**k down, whatever it is you are doing,

Ben: Everyone has heard me say be a*****e specific, No a******s, but like really that's specific. Come on man. Now that you know,

Blake: And, and that is, that was probably one of my biggest challenges for building a coaching business was letting go of helping, helping everyone, you know, to, to make it work, to make it specific enough to where you have a detailed solution for a detailed problem. So what I did is it bounced from kinda general pop up. It was motivated people. And then it was People hitting plateaus and their nutrition. Then it was People or weight loss. Then it was busy individuals. And so while I was digging into the busy individuals, I spent a lot of time seeking people through LinkedIn.

And I actually got a one on one client, which was my first high, high ticket at , I believe it was $1,000. The first time I said For letter for number's to someone and it was like, I'm going to shut up my pants. pIt has absolutely no pushback on it. And at that, that would be some s**t up inside of me. So from there, after a while, working with this person, I learned a lot about what the f**k I was doing, who I was helping, what the problem really was in what I was actually able to help with. And I was taking heavy notes on that and I said, Holy s**t, there's something to this. These are the things that I was taught.

Guess what? I still have access to the content. Guess who's going to go through this s**t a second time. The Strong Coach contract Coach content went back through the curriculum and at the same time I'd been mentoring. So I'm double Downing on, on these things. And what was really cool was being able to build something then kind of have some struggle, fall down a little bit, go right back to the same principles that I was taught. And Strong Coach could write back to the same thing is that I knew it worked and just apply that to what I was doing now.

Self- Limiting Beliefs

Self- Limiting Beliefs - The Strong Coach
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Blake: So it was, it was a drop then it was up. So I had this person of taking a ton of notes on them. And I just had a wakeup moment when day it was like, Holy s**t, the group program. The person who was a woman, all women, right? The only people that are interacting with me are women. The only people that are asked me about Coaching are, are serious about getting coach any of that as women and was like, well, I'm not a f*****g woman. Like, why do I know? And that was a self-limiting belief.

And so what it came down to was, you know, while there may have been things that I didn't understand, like I didn't have that woman's perspective. There was just this weird level of trust. And the, and the things that I was set was saying we're resonating with that group. And so then I started to see that not only was it women, but it was a women's struggling with emotional eating, stress eating, a lot of personal stories.

There was some self limitself-limitinging beliefs built around a lot of these things and no one was giving that group attention on that problem. You get a meal plan, you get macros from someone while that sounds great. What about like asking them how their day was, how they feel, who is asking them? Oh, will, did you ever think that maybe you're creating like an emotional eating cycle or something of that nature? So I was like, I'm going to design a program around this. So basically what I did is I took all of the things I had learned and experienced from personal development and just add that s**t to nutrition.

Coaching so basically, and the program, its its program, its 90 days first for, for first four weeks, the first month our spent only on a personal development. We want to talk about nutrition yet. And everyone's like, well, what are you going to tell me what to eat? And like soon you get to get this house cleaned up first. You have to get this s**t figured out. And then from there we build that. But a, it was a hit in and I had a conversation with Ben literally the week before the launch date, I believe it was a week or two weeks in, we were talking about some things and Ben was like, Oh, like everything you're doing so great.

Like a seat on this screen, it looks like you're crushing it. And I was like, Ben, I am not doing f*****g good at all. And he was like, Oh well what's going on? You know, which I'm sure it was a shock to you.

Ben: Yeah. Yeah. Like, Oh s**t, f**k. Cause I'm like re I'm rooting for you is so hard. Yeah.

The Importance Of Abundance Mindset

Don't go with the rest of the world, change your mindset to be different
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Blake: So what had happened is yes, I hit that initial high and from there ran into other struggles, but what was so important and, and really for anyone listening to this, it's two things. I never let that get into my head. I never let that take me off that trajectory that I was on. Even when, as I watched, Oh man, I'm spending money. Like it's coming out and nothing's coming in. Like if it was rough there and

Ben: I was impressed when we were on the phone with how you were handling that because you said like that. I'm still in an abundance mindset and you knew you were you total control

Blake: Because, and I had been in that same scenario before and was not well equipped at for it. It was, it was like devastating. The first initial response is that scarcity, I guess I'm just gonna ask, have you done their job? Like I was looking at, I was looking at stuff, seeing what I can do, you know, make money and you know, things to come to. It sure I could've done that. You know, you're you always havealways have the option or you can always go get another job, but I did not want to give it to that.

I was like, I'm going to ride this out. I'm going to ride this ship until it either breaks the atmosphere or, or a below is up into a million pieces. And so I just kept that abundance mindset, like you said, I didn't let the money creep back in, you know? That made a huge difference. And in the second thing was that I was able to essentially rebuild everything pretty quickly.

If, if we're being honest, just by going back to the things that I had already learned Strong Coach so I had the equipment I needed for the job. And so for anyone that's, Like thinks this is 90 days' and done. F**k. No. Are you going to use that stuff up until week 52? Up until a week 100.

And it always comes back up. You can always go back and do client interview. Then you can always go back and ask more questions. You can always pivot or, or, or just put a, put a different way or another step forward. There's always something that you could do and it would revolve around those principles and The Strong Coach

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