Online Fitness Reimagined – The Story of Mace Dojo with Leo Urquides

Online Fitness Reimagined - The Story of Mace Dojo with Leo Urquides
Online Fitness Reimagined - The Story of Mace Dojo with Leo Urquides

In this episode, I'm sitting here for take three of episode, one of the Lake House Chronicles with the founder of Steel Mace Flow, Mace Dojo, and Strong Coach alum Leo Savage.

Joining The Strong Coach Program

Joining The Strong Coach Program - mace dojo

Ben: What was it that got you to hop on board The Strong Coach rocket ship?

Leo: I met Mike Bledsoe in 2010 or a little later, 2012. I was going through something. I was evolving faster than the space around me was. I was in a lot of conflict. Everything was staying still, and I was moving at hyper speed and that’s just to sum it up, I mean, there's all these details, but I said, “Mike what's going on?” I was introduced to him from a friend John Wolf and Mike just told me, he said, “That is a Phase Shift”.

He explained to me what a phase shift was. I was so thankful that I knew it wasn't something wrong with me, that there was this tangible thing that I had a name. So like, we started to figure out how to get over that. That's how I met Mike and he set a couple of things to me that changed my life. I met Mike later down the road at a steel mace certification I was attending led by another coach and me and Mike got to talking for lunch and he wanted like some continued Mace education. I ended up doing a Mace session for him and some of his friends.

We stayed in contact, we did a couple of podcast and Mike was one of my people, I think a lot of us can relate, those of us who have felt kind of alone, we knew that our crew was out there somewhere. There are some weirdos like me out there somewhere. I got a powerful sense that me and Mike would get along even though on an odd ball. I kept up with Mike I found out, I just kept up with them through Instagram and find out what if he was going to be very admirable. You put up a course Strong Coach, I am taking 10 students on to The Strong Coach beta group.

I wanted to sign up, but I ended up my partner, Serena sign up for the course and I played the lead in so many things. It was nice to like, you take the lead. Serena took the Strong Coach course she didn't share anything about it with me. I was like, she wanted to go through it with herself, but I could tell she was like making changes and talking different. I didn't understand her anymore. To be honest, she just started a new way of thinking. so, if she wasn't really sharing which she was going through and I jumped in the program to really help me understand what Serena was going through, as a ton of other reasons.

I had an opportunity to work with Mike Bledsoe I had started creating my still mace certification prior to getting in to the program so that it was something I knew I was doing. then I said, if I'm going to get into this thing, I need some help. Mike was that help in like all the diverse ways. I'll never forget the conversation. this was Pre Strong Coach talk or stuff. it was like, Mike I wanted to create this steel mace certification, but I'm afraid my relationship with this other jam will end.

It was a great blessing in, and it was very much in alignment with the magic I was working with. I did, I knew that the Mike’s work was affecting me in all these diverse ways, but I didn't know it was all mystery. It was a mystery. of course, I gained some insight just through experience. But once you go through coaching in the way that the strong Coach, the system provides the things you're doing, Become a lot clearer. Cause you declutter so much to the b******t

Leo’s Journey After The Strong Coach Program

Leo’s Journey After The Strong Coach Program mace dojo
Photographer: Bernard | Source: Unsplash

Ben: What was the journey like after Strong Coach once you had the certification up and running, right?

Leo: My experience was a painful one. You just think, Hey, your dream came true. Must be awesome. There are things that come with the goals you said, if you’re going to be the happiest you can possibly be because you accomplish the thing well, on the opposite and they're can be the opposite of that I felt it and it was difficult. I thought I took the Strong Coach course, and I was cured.

I didn't realize you need to constantly Polish the mirror. You can't just take the one course and you're done now. But there's a thing is that worked a f*****g work. it was like, I'm done. I don't need to learn anything else. I'm good. In fact, this is just my own thing and I'm a different human being than most, I found an incredible amount of value in the first half of the Strong Coach curriculum. It just blew my mind. the other stuff that I didn't really relate too. this has just my, my type, like the organization I live in flow so I don't do a lot of the organization stuff that was like taught to us.

But like the first chapter in that series, I'll call it a chapter change the way that I do everything. Get your house in order was the direction. It's something that's just been ingrained in me, but I was convinced, man, that once I got through the course that I was healed and I said, Still, the man of flow that needs to keep moving. I don't sit still. I'll just move around and get it. I can't sit still. I was still. so at one time I was at a point where I was moving at hyper speed and nobody else was.

So then everybody else's moving at a higher speed because of the crew I was hanging out with hyper speeders and I was trying to hold on to the comfort that created. it was difficult. I thought I was going to go in, learn to think and be free from the affliction. It was painful and I learned from a tremendously,

Ben: What did you start doing differently when you realized you had been standing still?

Leo: I got off my ass.

I have created so much comfort brand. I got too of the world's best TVs, same one. I couldn't just have one. I got to, I got my f*****g dream car, dream, French bulldog, all that. Why would you want to disrupt that dream life? I got up off my ass. For me, if I am not creating something, I’ll feel miserable, I created my perfect day. then I stopped creating. I just jumped head over heels into creation mode. I didn't realize, I didn't realize how much I liked creation. I thought I liked creating steel Mace stuff. Turns out I loved creating everything. I took on new projects that weren't steel Mace related as far as like the job I've been doing as a Mace Coach and Mace educator. I had been Coaching educators for so long certifying people and stell mace flow for so long.

I hadn't been Coaching like any regular student, so to speak, people are just getting in to steal Mace. I jumped into that Ave, coaching people who are not educators. So, a shift on my teaching, that was a big one. I'll get such a buzz. I love my friends, but I like knew people. So that creation buzz of like creating new students, created a new neural pathways for my students, helping them with that creation process. its like my lifeline, my happy juice.

When it, if I could help, if I can create something or help somebody find creation. that was a big one. Get into that, get off my ass and spend some f*****g money.

I have spent start spending money. I've used to have this thing, just say a $10,000 out of this bank account. Whenever there's more than $10,000 in that account, I f*****g panic because I know I'm not investing as much as I can. They used to be in a time Ben, where I bet every penny every day I didn't have a bank account because I be every f*****g penny everyday.

Now I have this bank account that is like, tells me how much I'm investing. I started spending that money. Conor McGregor said, this cool thing. They said, Connor, aren't you afraid you're going to run out of money. Then he said, yeah, that'd be good because I'll be back to the same fire when I started. So I started spending the money and putting myself in a position to like, well f**k you need to make some more, you need to create some more money and then different forms of creation rather than creating Steel Mace flow. There's been a huge process of moving my family in this new project Mace Dojo that I have, which is like its an online gym.

Reimagining Online Fitness in Mace Dojo

Reimagining Online Fitness in Mace Dojo

Ben: I wanted to talk more about because you've opened up an online gym in this time when gyms are shut down and your gym works very differently than other gyms. Tell the coaches what your, what you're playing with here.

Leo: When I worked at a gym, I think we did a 40, 60 split. I kept 40%, the house kept 60% and I never liked that. I always wanted to make all my own money. Who does it? So I thought that would be like a really neat thing for my coaches to work for themselves through steal Mace flow, not necessarily feel like they work for stillness flow. how do we do that? Well, the gym, we charge a $10 a month membership and you'll get to take unlimited class whether it's a kettle bell class, a goal set in class, or steel Mace flow class, but a hundred percent of the proceeds go to the coaches.

Well, $10 a month, dude. Even if I have a thousand members I would barely be able to make wages to pay my coaches for their classes. I'm not paying my coaches. Now how do they make it a hundred percent of the profit? The classes are donation based. There is a lot of donation-based Fitness places out there I'm a black Swan yoga. There are a donation-based yoga system, but the coaches don't get to keep all the money. it goes to paying for lights and pain for the building. Well, I don't have lights and I don't have a uilding. my costs are down super low. 100% of the tips go towards my coaches.

Now I don't know how that works in most places, but the life we do, the work that we do at Mace Dojo at steel Mace flow, his life changing. if the work I'm offering my coaches, our offering is life changing. Why would I wanna set a price limits on that? Right? If you want to give you have the life changing moment at the gym that coach did said whatever, he did, the thing that changed your life, and you have an opportunity to give to that. Coach you going to give out of your heart, whether it's five bucks or whether it's a hundred bucks, whatever it is still Mace Flo is put together by me, but raised through the community, the community has helped support steel mace flow. they paid my rent, man. If I bought groceries for me. so using that same faith, instead of putting the money in my pocket, they have put into my coaches, you have the life changing class and you tip a hundred percent, goes to the coach. as it's great, I'm so electric. Cause I have a $1,200 product at a $600 product. then I have a $10 product. whenever I get a alert on my phone, not that I made another 10 bucks, 10 bucks is irrelevant, but I have a new member at my gym who can meet my coaches and do this is a great thing.

If they find a Coach, they identify with you, the coach isn't necessarily plugged into the system. Jeffrey Oaks is a coach and he teaches are for steel Mace phone. Mace Dojo he teaches two classes a week for Mace Dojo the rest of his classes he teaches for himself. he still gets to operate that no matter who Jeff works for himself or Mace Dojo he makes it a hundred percent have that. because he gets to make a hundred percent have that his effort won't be a 60, 40 split. It will be a hundred percent effort. That's very clear with the, a students and it's working, so far everything's going great.

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